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STAGG® Chili brings you an authentic taste of the American West. STAGG® Chili varieties are based on classic chili recipes from Texas – the state considered to be the spiritual home of chili.

Early Western pioneers mixed beef, chili, suet and salt and dried them into bricks that could be added to cooking pots on the trail. In Texas the art of chili making was elevated to an art form. San Antonio became the Capital of Chili and Chili Parlours began to appear with their own special recipes. In late 19th Century San Antonio was a wild and bustling city being a cattle, railroad and army town. Latino women nicknamed ‘Chili Queens’ sold stew they called ‘Chili’ from wagons in the square.

Chili Tables and Chuck Wagon

In 1893, at the Columbian exposition in Chicago, the San Antonio Chili stand helped to popularise this style of dish all across the United States. While Chili Queens were put out of business by new food and hygiene laws chili restaurants or Chili Parlours thrived. To this day, Chili Con Carne is the official dish of Texas State.

World's Columbian Exposition

STAGG® Chili is one of the leading brands of chili in the United States. STAGG® Chili celebrates the variety of delicious recipes that sustained those early cattle men and pioneers of the American West.

STAGG® Chili Classic with baked potato
STAGG® Chili Meals
'track down the new STAGG® Chili Meals - a hearty portion of STAGG® Chili complete with rice. It's just itchin' for you to heat and eat.


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